About Us

Suite G Production has provided a comfortable recording environment for fifteen years. With over forty years of experience in music, the engineer is familiar with what it takes on both sides of the recording booth window to make your music experience memorable. His earliest experiences in music were mentored by Leo Teel and Phil York, both highly acclaimed producers and engineers in the Dallas area.

William McCullough began Suite G Productions in Duncanville, Texas just south of Dallas in 1973 as a place for he and his friends to get together to jam and record. The original studio was a four track system. When William moved west to California in 1980 he quickly upgraded to an eight track system and recorded several songs written and performed by his younger brother Jim.

In 2002 William upgraded to a fully digital recording system and opened his studio to the public. Since then he has recorded over forty albums covering several genres including Pop, Country, Rock, Gospel, Classical, Christmas, Jazz, and Alternative. He has also recorded several Audio Books and Audio Plays.

Now William is closing the recording facility to focus on post-production project such as music edits and mixing & mastering of pre-recorded tracks.